Start anytime * eligibility criteria apply, material fees may apply


Start anytime * eligibility criteria apply, material fees may apply

Services & Welfare

ITHEA provides a Student Manager to manage the welfare for all students. The Student Manager is available to assist students with any difficulties or personal problems they may experience.


Emergency Assistance & Medical Care

All students carry a student identification card with our address. There are many local doctors and hospitals located close to campus. See the Student Handbook and Orientation Guide for a list of emergency contacts.


First Aid Officers

ITHEA has Certified First Aid Officers who will assist with emergency first aid for students if required. For cases requiring further medical attention, students will be directed to the care of a qualified medical practitioner.

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Occupational Health and Safety

ITHEA is committed to providing both students and staff with a healthy and safe working environment.


ITHEA recognises the significance of integrating health and safety into all activities. In compliance with the requirements of the relevant state and federal legislation and good established practices, the Institute aims to develop written policies and procedures, and to implement these in the workplace. Through integration of health and safety procedures and ideals into management and administrative structures the Institute will provide and maintain the highest possible standards of health and safety for staff and students while they are at work. The Institute will provide staff and students with guidelines on, and training in, safe work practices, as well as information pertaining to identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards.
Although the prime responsibility for health and safety rests with the employer, it is the responsibility of all employees and students to ensure their own health and the health of others by observing safe work practices and reporting potential hazards.

If you are injured

If you or someone near you is injured, contact the nearest staff member immediately. The First Aid Kit is located at the Reception desk.


If there is an emergency

In case of emergency (fire, electrical fault, or other cause for evacuation), REMAIN CALM. Listen to your trainer, who will direct you in the appropriate response. If an evacuation is necessary, please follow all directions given to you by staff members.


Dress requirements

All staff and students are required to dress in an appropriate manner. Clothing must be clean and well maintained. For Health and Safety reasons students must wear shoes at all times. Thongs are not permitted. Students will be issued with warnings if their clothing or footwear is deemed inappropriate.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are to be turned off or put on silent mode at all times in classrooms.

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Please be very careful with your possessions and do not leave items unattended. ITHEA does not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen item.



ITHEA provides modern refurbished classrooms with a bright and pleasant atmosphere, comfortable furniture and up to date facilities.


Kitchen Area

ITHEA provides its students with a Kitchen Area. There are facilities for heating of lunches and provisions for tea and coffee.

Student Computers

At times, ITHEA may provide students laptops, to students, for classroom use.


There are strict guidelines to follow:

  • No food or drink permitted at any time
  • Unauthorised software applications or downloads are not permitted (see Student Handbook and Orientation Guide for Information Technology – Acceptable Use Policy)
  • Tampering with the computer systems is not permitted
  • Use of laptops is done so under staff supervision at all times


Students are always encouraged to bring in their own laptop computer as ITHEA provides free wireless internet.

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International Students in Classroom


ITHEA provides these facilities for students at a minimal cost. We also encourage you to explore outside resources such as those in the state library or other venues.