Fees and Charges, Refund Policy for Local Students

Fees and Charges, Refund Policy for Local Students

This policy refers to all AQF Courses/units/modules.
1.0 Definitions:

AQF – Australian Qualifications Framework

Course Fees – Fees corresponding to an ITHEA training program.

Prepaid Course Fees – Fees paid in advance for an ITHEA training program

Course Start Date – the day the course or unit is scheduled to commence as indicated on this form.

Course Maximum Duration – ITHEA nominated course duration as indicated in course information and on
ITHEA online enrolment form.

Course Expiry Date – Course Maximum Duration added to Course Start Date

Study Period – Unless otherwise specified, is equal to ten weeks or one term.

Course Commencement Date – the day the course or unit is scheduled to commence in a study period.

Refund Application Date – the date on which the submitted refund application form is received by ITHEA.

Provider Default– when ITHEA does not complete the provision of a training program for a specific study

Enrolment documentation – may include Online application form, Pre-Training Review and Training Plan

1.1 All fees and charges information relating to a course must be clearly accessible and available to the
prospective student prior to entering into enrolment with ITHEA.

1.2 Information about fees must be clearly expressed and in language that clients understand. All fees
and charges must be included in this information, including possible fees and charges, such as RPL
charges and additional charges imposed if the learners do not successfully complete their programs.

1.3 A concession rate is available. Fee concessions are available for all indigenous students and other
students enrolled in an eligible course of study who hold a valid: Commonwealth Health Care Card
(and dependent spouse or dependent child of the card holder), Pensioner Concession Card (and
dependent spouse or dependent child of the card holder) or Veteran’s Gold Card. If you are eligible
for a fee concession, you MUST present your valid concession card at the time of enrolment.
Concessions will not be applied after your enrolment.

2.0 Invoicing of Course Fees

2.1 On enrolment, a student will take up one of the following payment options:
• pay the full amount of fees and charges, either by cash, EFTPOS, credit card, Apple Pay or
Google Pay
• present a signed authority from an employer/Employment Services provider to invoice the
employer/ Employment Services provider for the student’s fees and charges.
• avail of the instalment payment plan approved by the Managing Director.
A student who fails to take up one of the above options will not be enrolled.

2.2 Installment fees information for course fees shall be calculated for each course for each calendar
year and clearly indicated to students prior to enrolment.

2.3 The course fee corresponding to a billing period is due to be paid on the first day of the billing period
which corresponds to commencement date of the training program for that period.
2.4 In the event that a student abandons their course, all outstanding fees due remain payable to the
2.5 The Institute reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary if payments are not paid in
accordance with the Statement of Fees.

3.0 Collecting and Protecting Prepaid fees

3.1 Prepaid student course fees are held by ITHEA in a designated student account. These fees are
secured and are not to be used for any other business purpose prior to the commencement of the
study period which the fees correspond to.

3.2 The balance of the designated student account shall not be less than the sum of all prepaid course
fees for future study periods.

4.0 Course Transfer

4.1 A Student wishing to transfer to another course from one in which he/she is currently enrolled may do
so subject to the following conditions:
• Instalment payments are up to date and there are no other overdue monies owing to ITHEA.
• Student agrees to pay any difference between your original Course Fee and the new Course Fee

4.2 Any remaining credit on your behalf may be used towards further ITHEA Courses but will not be
refunded. This credit may only be utilised prior to the expiration of your Course.

4.3 The request to transfer Courses must be lodged in writing.

4.4 Only one (1) transfer is permitted per Course enrolment.

5.0 Other Fees and Charges

5.1 Enrolment Fee: as indicated on ITHEA website course information page for this course.

5.2 Materials Fees: as indicated on ITHEA website course information page for this course.

5.3 RPL Fee: Please refer to the individual course information on the ITHEA website.

5.4 Qualification or Statement of Attainment Re-issue Fee: $50

6.0 Cooling-off period

6.1 Students are able to change their mind and cancel their intended training. A cooling off period of 3
business days applies from the date they complete and sign their enrolment documentation.

6.2 NO REFUNDS after the cooling off period.

7.0 Refunds

7.1 Refund application must be made in writing on a form provided by ITHEA.

7.2 A written explanation as to how the refund was calculated and a copy of the refund agreement
that was signed by the student must accompany student refunds.

7.3 The Managing Director must approve student refunds.

7.4 Details of refunds provided must be maintained in individual student files.

7.5 If not eligible, inform the student of the reason, and how to proceed to appeal the decision.

7.6 ITHEA will refund prepaid course fees according to the criteria outlined below

7.7 It is not ITHEA policy to refund any part of course fees for a course or unit of study on or after the
course commencement date for the corresponding study period. The only exception to this is in the
case of provider default, where ITHEA does not complete the provision of a training program for a
specific study period. In this case, the course fees corresponding to the discontinued training
program for that particular study period or periods are refunded in full.

7.8 ITHEA will refund monies corresponding to successful applications no later than 4 weeks after the
Refund Application Date into the account nominated on the refund application form.

Refund Policy for Short Courses
This policy refers to all non AQF Courses/units/modules.
• A full refund of fees paid is refundable if ITHEA cancels the nominated course before log in to assess the
• If the student decides to cancel within the 3-day cooling off period, all money will be refunded.
• ITHEA does not offer refunds outside the 3-day cooling off period under any circumstances due to
significant intellectual property and goodwill.
• Application for refund must be made in writing on a form provided by ITHEA.
• ITHEA will refund monies no later than 4 weeks after the refund application date into he account
nominated on the Refund Application form.