Digital Literacy


#1 You have completed purchases online

#2 You have access to a computer at home?

#3 Phishing scams can occur on social media, websites, email, or text messages.

#4 You can copy and paste text and images

#5 Cookies allow websites to track user visits and site activity.

#6 You know how to compose and send an email

#7 You are able to browse the Internet to search for information

#8 Advertising is the largest source of revenue for most social media platforms.

#9 You are able to identify the main parts of a computer

#10 “https://” in a URL means that information entered into the site is encrypted.

#11 WhatsApp and Instagram are both owned by Facebook.

#12 Private browsing mode only prevents someone using the same computer from seeing one’s online activities.

#13 You use your Smartphone for Social Media

#14 You can download an App from Google Play or the App Store

#15 You use your Smartphone to take photos

#16 You use your Smartphone to navigate directions

#17 You use your Smartphone to send and receive messages

#18 You have watched video content on your Smart Phone

#19 Which of the following display information from a computer

#20 Which one of the following is a portable storage device

#21 You are able to use a keyboard

#22 Which one of these would you use a Search Engine for