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To support a child’s learning in their formative years, ITHEA’S childhood education program in Melbourne is available in both certificate 3 and diploma. To obtain employment in a childcare centre a certificate 3 is the minimum requirement. With ITHEA, our students must undertake at least 160 hours of practical placement to obtain valuable work experience.

With our diploma, students must complete at least 280 hours of placement, giving them a foundation to start work as qualified early childhood educators. Both early childhood development courses in Melbourne are delivered online and in-person, giving students flexible study options. Students who wish to continue their studies in childhood development courses can do so through our partnership with Swinburne University.

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Enhance your skills with ITHEA

ITHEA has a strong working relationship with childhood education providers in Melbourne, and many of our students obtain employment through their workplace providers. We encourage all prospective students to inquire about early childhood education information. It doesn’t matter if you have just completed year 12 or are looking for a career change, our courses are designed to get you job ready.

For more information about our Bachelor of Early Childhood Education courses in Melbourne, get in touch with ITHEA and speak to our staff about the program.