Aged Care

The population of Australia is ageing, and more citizens are needing to go into aged care facilities to get looked after.

Blinds & Awning

Blinds and Awnings

ITHEA is committed to address this skills shortage and to provide the highest quality workforce to the Blinds and Awnings industry.

Business Management Courses

Business/Leadership & Management

These business training courses provide the problem solving skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of business fields.

Child, Youth and Family Intervention

Child, Youth and Family Intervention

This course is designed for those who work in youth and family intervention, including practice specialisations in residential.

Community Services

Community Services

Giving back to the local community is a very rewarding feeling that requires a great deal of care and compassion for those doing it tough.

Disability Care Courses Melbourne


Disability care is a rewarding career path that allows both students and graduates to care for those who need it.

Childcare Courses

Child Care Courses

To support a child’s learning in their formative years, ITHEA’S childhood education program in Melbourne is available in both certificate 3 and diploma.

English Languages EAL Courses

English Language

The EAL Framework was developed to prepare adults learning English as an Additional Language for a range of educational and vocational pathways.

First Aid Training Courses

First Aid

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid

Community Services

Mental Health Courses

Designed for those who provide services to clients in relation to mental health issues.