21 April 2020

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21 April 2020 – ITHEA Students

21 April 2020 – ITHEA Students

To our ITHEA Students,

We hope you are remaining safe during these days of social isolation and being confined to our homes.

We are all in an unprecedented situation and our Directors have been keeping up to date with the latest news and developments from all State and government sources with regards to the education sector.

Please note that our main campus in the city will reopen from the 4th of May (unless otherwise directed). Many trainers will be available in the city, however, we encourage ALL students to continue working from home. Other campuses will not commence operation until there is a global State Government decision for all work to return to normal.
Please see arrangements made for each faculty below:

English: Online lessons will begin in the week beginning 27th of April. Trainers will contact students with times for lessons using Zoom. Trainers are also able to telephone students if they do not have access to Zoom.

ECEC: In class students
Online classes begin on Thursday 23rd April using Zoom.Trainers will use PowerPoint, field questions and group discussions will take place. Additional readings and resources will be emailed the day before the online lesson. Trainers may contact each student by phone.

ECEC: Online students are audited by the trainer for course progress  and contacted regarding lack of progress as per usual practice.

Diploma of Community Services: Online lessons will begin from the 20th of April. Trainers will contact students via email and send additional resources on current issues regarding issues and changes in the Community sector due to COVID-19. One to one online sessions for extra help or catch up will be available.

Ageing Support: Zoom classes will be available as organised by the trainer and resources will be emailed. One to one phone contact is also available.

Disability: Contact is via email or phone, and Whats App for ongoing assistance with units.  Whats App is being used for PowerPoint, references and group discussions.

All other online students: Please continue to save and submit your work online. 

Our team is working as hard as ever to bring you the best online support. Please stay in regular contact with your Trainers. Whether you are working from home, online or via distance learning, there’s no better time to keep up with your studies.

Feel free to email the Student Manager, Alex Ioannidis if you have any questions.

Stay Safe.