16 April 2020

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16 April 2020 – International Students

16 April 2020 – International Students

Dear International students,

We hope that all is going well with you during these difficult times of isolation and social distancing.

Please read the Australian Red Cross newsletter which offers help for migrants in transition or on temporary visas. It can be found at:

They are offering help to people on temporary visa who have no way to support themselves and who have urgent needs.

You may be eligible for the Red Cross Safety Net support if you 
  • are in Australia on a temporary visa
  • are in urgent financial hardship
  • cannot access Centrelink, Medicare or similar services
  • have no income, savings or financial support (including from family overseas)
They will assess your eligibility and provide assistance based on need.
Use the link in the newsletter to email them and they will call you back.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Manager, Alex Ioannidis via email ( if you are having difficulties.
Stay safe.

Alex Ioannidis
Student Manager