Local Students

Local Students Definition

Local students must fall into one of the following citizen/residency categories:

• Australian citizen
• Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)
• New Zealand citizen

Applying for a course

Apply Online

Visit the relevant course page and click on the ‘Apply Now’ Button

Complete the steps involved to submit your application online.

To complete the application process, you must attend a pre-training interview which includes a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test and complete the eligibility declaration form (in the case of students applying for Victorian Training Guarantee Funding).

Note: For English as an Additional Language (EAL) stream courses, students will be required to complete an EAL Entry test before applying online.

ITHEA will assess your application and make sure all entry requirements are met. An ITHEA representative will contact you if your application is unsuccessful.

We also have a list of our brokers who assist in the recruitment of prospective learners.

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